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Dear Speaker Craig J. Coughlin and Senate President Nick Scutari,

As a fan of New Jersey craft beer and a New Jersey resident, I am writing you to show my support for Senate Bill 3038 (S-3038) / Assembly Bill 4630 (A-4630), which would end the harmful license restrictions on our state’s over 140 craft breweries.  Last July, every brewery in the state was hit with a long list of restrictions on their license by the NJ Division of Alcohol Beverage Control (NJABC) which drastically changed the way breweries can operate. These restrictions have taken away from my experience as a customer at these breweries and continue to financially harm these small local businesses which have become an essential part of our communities. Without the passage of S-3038/A-4630 by the Legislature this spring, it is likely that these restrictions will be extended for another year beginning July 1st, 2023. Therefore, it is essential that both the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly advance this legislation NOW to end these restrictions as soon as possible. 

For your information, S-3038/A-4630 addresses these restrictions immediately by making sure breweries can not only provide more enjoyable environments for their customers in their tasting rooms onsite, but support other local businesses, organizations, and events in their respective communities which have thrived in part because of a brewery opening in their towns. Without the changes envisioned in S-3038/A-4630, I am afraid that my ability to buy great New Jersey craft beer will become extremely limited and the several businesses that make up the state’s local craft beer industry will be hurt forever. To make sure this does not happen, I am asking you to support S-3038/A-4630 and to allow it to be voted on this spring in the New Jersey Legislature. Thank you in advance for supporting craft breweries and standing up for my rights as a consumer of New Jersey craft beer.

Town, NJ
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