​The following beers are available for takeout.
Dragan Stout


A dark brown beer with light to medium body. The roasted grain, coffee, and cacao flavors are well balanced with the sweetness of the malt.  We named this beer in honor of our neighbors. When you need a helping hand, they are the kind of neighbors that show up with a forklift.


Alc. 4.6% // IBUs 40

Paprika Ale


Paprika Ale is The Seven Tribesmen take on an American amber ale. Infused with sweet, Hungarian paprika spice, the flavor is piquant, peppery and sweet. The paprika also adds some red to the traditional amber color. Egészségedre (cheers in Hungarian)!


Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 43

Talisman IPA


The Talisman IPA is imbued with five varieties of primarily New World hops. It has a clear, reddish-copper color. Balance is hop-forward, with citrus and spice notes and a dry finish. If you don’t feel lucky after the first one, we recommend you try a second one.


Alc. 6.6% // IBUs 60

Trebuchet Saison


A pale, refreshing, and light Belgian-style ale. The Trebuchet Saison is highly-carbonated with citrus fruits, spice and a light hoppy character. Ideal on a warm, sunny day; it will catapult your mood from parched to refreshed.


Alc. 6.0% // IBUs 28

Packanack Pils (coming soon)


A classic, Czech-style golden pilsner, with medium malt and hop character. Named after our very own Packanack Lake in New Jersey, it is highly drinkable, with a balanced, slightly bitter finish.


Alc. 5.6% // IBUs 37