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Welcome To The Tribe!

We brew high-quality, hand-crafted beers that bring people together to celebrate life! 

Seven Tribesmen Brewery founders building the brewery


The founders of Seven Tribesmen Brewery are Hungarian-American childhood friends. The name Seven Tribesmen is a reference to their cultural heritage and represents their goal of building a local, New Jersey craft beer tribe.


Legend has it, the seven tribes came from the Eurasian steppes over a thousand years ago. They were fierce, nomadic horse archers, galloping ever westward into the heart of Europe.


On the battlefield they were known for deceiving their enemy by feigning to retreat, galloping away from the enemy line, and pivoting their upper body to fire arrows backwards at their hopeless pursuers.


Upon reaching the Carpathian basin, in central Europe, the Seven Chieftains united their tribes through a blood oath and established their new country. Related to the Huns, others called this place Hungary.

Video by Matthew Romano 
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