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Welcome To Our Craft Beer Tribe!

​Thanks for being a Mug Club Chieftain!

 On-Site Events 

Trivia Night hosted by Trivia Revolution
Every Wednesday at 7 pm 

Mug Club Mondays

Baseball and craft beer! What could be better?!


This summer, enjoy both when you visit Seven Tribesmen on Mondays!

Join us every Monday, from May until September, for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see the Somerset Patriots! And the best part? Our crushable American Lager, GAME ON, will be available at the Somerset Patriots Stadium starting in June!

That means you'll be able to cheer the Patriots to a victory while enjoying a refreshing Seven Tribesmen beer! 

Entering the contest is easy! Simply stop by the brewery any Monday this summer and complete an entry form. You'll then be entered into a random drawing and at the end of every month, we will pull a random name, and award the winners with a pair of tickets which they can redeem for any home game!

 Brewery News 

New Beers Coming Soon

JOHNNY BLACKBIRD // Pastry Stout //  11%

Inspired by the world-famous Hungarian Gypsy violinist Jancsi Rigó and the equally famous cake that bears his name, this brew collaboration with our compadres at Fehér Nyúl Brewery in Budapest, Hungary was spawned through our mutual friend, Csaba Katona, the renowned  Hungarian historian who, among a slew of Hungarian historical genres, including beer and wine, has documented Rigó Jancsi’s life, as well as the origin of the delicious dessert. JOHNNY BLACKBIRD is a delectable pastry stout that borrows elements from the famous cake recipe, including copious amounts of dark chocolate, delicate vanilla, and ripe apricot. Get in tune with a JOHNNY BLACKBIRD!

EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: The week of May 26.

GREENWOOD // DIPA //  8.0%

Nestled between the banks of New Jersey and New York lies the seven-mile-long stretch of paradise known as Greenwood Lake. Having captivated people with its serene beauty for decades, this area is as unique as it is welcoming. Likewise, this incredible Double IPA has that signature double dry hopped appeal through the addition of the unique combination of Huell Melon and HBC586 hops that is sure to be a welcomed utopia for your taste buds. Take the journey. GREENWOOD awaits!

EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: The week of June 7.

Favorites Coming Back Soon!

CHAIN MAIL // Vanilla Chai Oatmeal Stout //  10%

Delicious and comforting, CHAIN MAIL is a Vanilla Chai Oatmeal Stout that magnificently combines a blend of Chai spices, including black tea, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, along with an added touch of milk sugar. Pour yourself a pint and let CHAIN MAIL help shield you from the chill of those cold winter nights, thereby making them just a little easier to enjoy!

EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: The week of June 1.

PARTING SHOT // Sour Ale with Hibiscus and Blueberries //  6%

Named for a move made legendary by Hungarian horse archers, the PARTING SHOT is a battle strategy in which the archer performs a feigned retreat at full gallop, and then turns their body around to shoot arrows at the enemy in pursuit. Although no actual arrows will be released when you take on this PARTING SHOT, this delicious sour ale is sure to hit its mark with lively notes of tart hibiscus and sweet blueberry!  

EXPECTED RELEASE DATE:  The week of June 23.

Expanding Our Brewhouse

We've recently expanded our brewhouse to include two new tanks, a 20 BBL Brite Tank and a 20BBL Fermentation tank! 

Interested in seeing them up close? Ask one of our staff members for a tour of the brew house during your next visit! 

Second Floor Renovations

We're currently renovating the second floor of our brewery to increase our indoor seating capacity! 

Once the construction is finished, we will have two beautiful rooms for our guests to enjoy while drinking their favorite Seven Tribesmen beers! 

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