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Welcome To Our Craft Beer Tribe!

​Thanks for being a Mug Club Chieftain!

 On-Site Events 

Trivia Night hosted by Trivia Revolution
Every Wednesday at 7 pm 

Valentine's Day Contest!

This Valentine's Day, get ready to fall in love with our beer... again!


Seven Tribesmen is excited to announce that we will be reinstating our Valentine's Day contest in order to see which one of our beers receives the most love!

To enter the contest, simply stop by the brewery between February 1 throu
gh February 17, to receive an entry slip. After you fill out that ticket you'll be asked to drop it into the beer can which represents your favorite Seven Tribesmen brew! The best part? As Mug Club Chieftains, you'll be allowed to submit TWO votes per visit which will increase your chances to win!

On Friday, February 17, we will announce which one of our beers received the most votes, or "love", and then draw one name from that winning can. That randomly selected winner will receive a Seven Tribesmen glass pitcher filled to the brim with candy! 

Pickle Beer Naming Contest!


Our first "name that beer" contest has officially ended!  We'd like to thank everyone that participated and submitted names throughout the month. At this time, we are in the process of narrowing down the best options and once we have the top 5 names, we will be sending an email with a survey for you to submit a vote for the winning name. 


The winning name will be posted on this page for everyone to see and the winner will be referenced in future social media posts about this beer!

 Brewery News 

New Beers Coming Soon!

SUN CHARIOT // India Pale Lager // 5.5%

According to ancient myth, it was said that the sun was loaded into a chariot every day and driven across the sky by the God, Helios. And while we no longer look to this celestial being to grant us a sunrise, we do pay homage to him with this India Pale Lager, SUN CHARIOT. With its golden yellow color, and notes of ripe passion fruit, luscious grapefruit, and blissful citrus undertones from the bounteous amounts of Melba Hops that were used in the dry hopping process, this divine IPL brings forth a brightness that could only be rivaled by the sun itself.


TIPSY BADGER // Schwarzbier // 4.9%

Stumbling out of the shadows of the iconic Black Forest, the European Badger appears! Having once had to forage for his meals, he now relishes a far tastier treat. With hints of chocolate and coffee flavors lent by a medley of roasted malts, this well-balanced Schwarzbier is as dark as the woodland our furry little friend calls home. So emerge from your burrows and join us in exploring the dark mystery of the TIPSY BADGER!


ODIN'S SPRUCE // Spruce Tip Pilsner // 5.6%

According to ancient writings, Vikings once brewed beer with needles from magnificent spruce trees in order to give them strength during battle. While they sipped their piney ale, we can only imagine they also gave praise to the god of war, Odin, in hopes that he would aid them through combat. Although we may no longer look to the ancient gods for divine intervention, we honor their legacy with this crisp and refreshing German-style Pilsner, which boasts notes of evergreen from the addition of fresh spruce needles. Pour a pint and bellow out your battle cry! To victory! To honor! To ODIN'S SPRUCE!


Old Favorites Coming Back In February!

DOLCE AMORE // Cannoli-Inspired Stout // 6.5%

Reminiscent of Nonna's beloved treat, DOLCE AMORE is Seven Tribesmen's take on this delicious Sicilian dessert! Brewed with traditional cannoli shells from the world-famous Ferrara Bakery & Cafe, fine cocoa, and just the right touch of milk sugar, DOLCE AMORE will have you falling in love with every sip! 


DRAGAN  // Irish Stout  // 4.6%

A dark brown beer with light to medium body. The roasted grain, coffee, and cacao flavors are well balanced with the sweetness of the malt. We named this beer in honor of our neighbors. When you need a helping hand, they are the kind of neighbors that show up with a forklift.


LONGBOW  // English Mild Ale  // 3.7%

The original session beer, English mild ales are low in alcohol content and bitterness. Longbow is a brown ale with malty characteristics with a mix of caramel, toffee, plum & raisin. Keep a safe distance and let 'em fly. 


Expanding Our Brewhouse

We've recently expanded our brewhouse to include two new tanks, a 20 BBL Brite Tank and a 20BBL Fermentation tank! 

Interested in seeing them up close? Ask one of our staff members for a tour of the brew house during your next visit! 

Second Floor Renovations

We're currently renovating the second floor of our brewery to increase our indoor seating capacity! 

Once the construction is finished, we will have two beautiful rooms for our guests to enjoy while drinking their favorite Seven Tribesmen beers! 

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